Following the success of our show in Manchester - SIN N MY HEART came to London for its second coming at the perfect venue - a dungeon in North London called the Bunker. Here's a quick video of the show

My DARKROOM installation was open for business once again and we made some stunning pictures. This time I had my faithful assistant and collaborator Zach Fletcher to lend a hand in his own special way - he certainly added a certain draw to the DARKROOM for some and features in many of the images made!!

                                    IMG_0684            IMG_0683

Friday night started with the liberation of a series of women posing nude or semi-nude for the first time...  I love it when this happens - new people pushing their personal boundaries and taking home new experiences and hopefully feeling a little more confident or fulfilled in their daily lives...

      IMG_0692      IMG_0690


We had some beautiful men in too making classic images ...

                                            IMG_8755        IMG_0685


People became very playful and were having fun - the camera facilitates this HAPPENING of actions and intimacy - participants are playing to the camera - it allows people to exagerate themselves and play out their desires...

"It's like the camera gives you the licence to take of your clothes and create a scenario" (participant saturday night)

                               IMG_8756         IMG_0693         IMG_8759    IMG_8761crop


... and as the evenings progressed, the wine and conversation flowed around the dungeon and things got quite steamy down our corridor - the venue of course lent itself to a more sexual experience and our art lovers took the opportunity to fully experience the powers of the DARKROOM...

IMG_8762crop   IMG_8763crop

IMG_8764         IMG_0698

... and finally here's Paul Darling - without him and his colleague Peter Gwyn none of this would have happened - massive LOVE and respect to these 'two little birds' who put the show together and whole heartedly support the queer arts... !