Holly Revell is a photographer, artist and documenter who has a keen eye for preserving and collaborating with queer artists, making images and portraits which explore performance and transforming identities. She made her mark on London’s queer cabaret scene in 2010 with her photo-booth installations, 'DARKROOM', which offered a live photographic experience to audiences at art and club events. Other notable projects include ‘Transformations’; a series of photographs made with performers reflecting the transition from drag to original self in one long-exposure (2016), and her photo-book ‘David Hoyle: Parallel Universe’ (2017).

Holly’s work is archived at Bishopsgate Institute: https://www.bishopsgate.org.uk/Library/Special-Collections-and-Archives/LGBTQ-History-and-Alternative-Sexuality-Collections-/Holly-Revell-Archive

For bookings, commissions and collaborations please email hollyrev@hotmail.co.uk



  • Holly Revell Archive Launch - Bishopsgate Institute

  • VFD10 Punish the Streets - group exhibition at New Arts Projects Gallery, Hackney




  • 'Transformations' - solo exhibition at Limewharf and The Glory. http://www.huckmagazine.com/art-and-culture/pictures-transformation-drag-queen-self/

  • 'The Regulars' - public exhibition in Gillet square, Dalston.

  • 'Dalston Street Show' - work shown in Gillet Square and at Dalston Superstore as part of Photomonth.

  • 'WE R' - Gay Pride group exhibition at Espacio Gallery in Bethnal Green.


  • D.A.R.C. (documentary action research collective) pilot - Arts Council funded. "DARC is a collective of artists who work in different media creating documentation and promotional material for artists. We believe that the documentation ofartist's work is not just an act of preservation, but a creative act in itself. We consider our work a process of collaboration, a dialogue, a responsibility and an art form of its own."

  • Forensic Identity – Wellcome Collection – a series of workshops I facilitated with A level students resulting in an exhibition at the Wellcome.

  • Numerous contributions to QX magazine including a front cover.


  • Sin in my Heart – group exhibition – Manchester Kraak gallery and the Bunker, London.

  • Imaging Performance – a series of workshops resulting in a Friday late presentation at the British Museum.

2013 and beyond

  • DARKROOM photo-booth workshops and installations in galleries and venues inc. The Barbican, A-side B-side Gallery, Act Art, The Green Carnation, Hot August Fringe at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, David Hoyle's Slurry, Winter Warmer and Lives, Naked Boys Reading at Vogue Fabrics and Ace Hotel, Wotever World's Christmas Bazaar, Lolo Brow's Cabaret Derangium...

  • Published photographs in a number of issues of 'Flip' magazine; published by London Independent Photography,

  • Published photographs in 'The mammoth book of gorgeous guys'; published by Constable and Robinson,

  • QED (queer erotic drawing) a series of pop-up drawing classes I co-founded and hosted with Ashley Ryder.